5 Reasons to Install a Business Security System Today

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5 Reasons to Install a Business Security System Today

As a business owner, you have lots on your mind, starting from developing the right product/service to handling the demands of clients. Not to mention that you have to deal with the internal and external operations that your business usually handles. One of those essential implementations is installing a security system for your business. In this blog, we will list five reasons to get yourself a Business Security System.

Deter Thieves/Crimes

Probably the only reason why anyone installs a Business security system is to avoid criminal activities. Research suggests that there are approximately 275 million thefts across different commercial enterprises each year. With the help of security systems, you can prevent your business not to be a part of the crime statistics.

Looking Professional and Trustworthy to Consumers

People on the outside who visit your premises need a sense of security, even if its location is in a secured area. With the help of a business security system, your clients can feel relaxed in between security cameras. It also adds professionalism to your premises, which is an essential aspect of any business vicinity.

Monitor the Building from Anywhere

A quality Business Security System can assist you in observing your employees. A simple camera in a room can improve productivity by keeping the employees focused on their jobs. Research proves that 82% of managers/business owners use security systems to monitor their employees to improve productivity.

Maintain a Safe Workplace

Harassment within the work environments is a genuine issue for business owners and can bring about different lawsuits. Adding a layer of surveillance can help you resolve issues by viewing video recordings and preventing lawsuits entirely. All in all, with the right Business Security System, it will help your company to have a safe and healthy environment for your employees.

Save on Insurance

Most insurance companies, like the preventive actions you take for installing a security system and help you to lower your insurance cost. They also provide discounts if you add a monitoring system in your facility which further reduces the financial pressure on the business owner.

If you are looking for an excellent Business security system; then, Red Safety has the most advanced security system on the market. At a substantially reasonable price, Red Safety provides you with a security system that has everything that your vicinity needs to keep it secured.

We Safeguard you and your Assets with our Most Advanced Security System in Tukwila, Renton, Seattle, and surrounding areas.

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Top Fire Safety Tips For Your Home

Fire Safety Tips - Red Safety & Security

Top Fire Safety Tips For Your Home

Imagine that you wake up from sleep in the middle of the night by the smell of smoke, you go outside to investigate and then there are smoke and fire in your everywhere. That can be a scary and traumatic experience for anyone. Knowing and being familiar with the industry’s top fire safety tips can help you and your family prevent scenarios like this. 
According to the latest USA statistics, in every 88 seconds, one residential fire occurs. Make sure to install smoke detectors in the key areas of your house, such as bedrooms, kitchen, living room, and garage. Give general tips to your family members about fire drills so all have a general idea of where to go and what to do in the case of any fire incident. 
There are many fire safety tips through which you can protect your home as well as your loved ones from an unwanted fire incident:
Kitchen: Most of residential fires occur because of malfunctioning in the kitchen. The kitchen is one of the primary places of fire incidents in your home. Pans and pots can easily overheat and lead to a fire if you leave cooking food unattended or get distracted during cooking. If you have to leave the kitchen during cooking, always ask someone to watch the food. Keep any flammable material away from the cooktop, such as dish towels, paper products, oven mitts, and wrappers. Install smoke alarms and put fire extinguisher for safety in your kitchen. 
Install Smoke Detecting Alarms: Smoke detecting fire alarms minimize the likelihood of deaths due to residential fires. You and your family get sufficient time to escape because of an early alarm warning with smoke detectors. All you require is to install smoke detector alarms on every level of your house. In addition, you can also install a carbon monoxide detector, especially if you are using a wood stove and fireplace in the winter. If you are looking for good smoke alarms, Red Safety has a good range of options.
Install Fire Extinguishers: You have to place fire extinguishers on every key area of your house including the garage and the basement. Make sure to install one in the kitchen for easy access. To keep them at a safe distance from kids, install the fire extinguishers high on the wall. Read all the instructions and directions carefully to become familiar with it and know how to use it during any fire break out. 
By using these tips, you can prevent an unwanted fire tragedy. If you want to install fire safety equipment, then let the experts of Red Safety help you out. They will install all the fire safety equipment in your house, as well as provide you with training on the use of that equipment. Red Safety fixes your home’s faulty wire setup and tells you how to use the fire extinguishers or ladders in an emergency event. Also, through their professional CPR training, you can learn how to save lives.  
If you want more information about fire safety tips or want to install high-quality fire safety equipment, get in touch with Red Safety in Tukwila, Washington today! 

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