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Benefits Of Taking a CPR Class

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is a life-saving procedure that is considered as a crucial first-aid for people who are having a cardiac arrest or shortage of breath. A cardiac arrest can cause brain damage within minutes, so CPR is significantly critical in saving a life. There are many benefits of learning and taking a CPR class.

CPR includes rescue-breathing, which improves the oxygen supply to the lungs of a patient, and chest compression which ensures the flow of oxygen-rich blood for restoring normal heartbeat and breathing. Providing CPR can double or triple the chances of surviving a cardiac arrest. 

Despite its importance, CPR training is often overlooked or trivialized in many organizations. CPR training allows people to preserve life until the paramedics arrive. However, individuals with CPR certifications can perform CPR in emergencies, whether they are a medical professional or not. 

Here are some of the benefits of getting trained and certified in CPR. 


Cardiac arrests can result in death if not treated on time. According to the CDC, heart attack claims 600,00 lives every year in the USA, making it the leading cause of death. The problem here is that you cannot always rely on emergency services to arrive on time. The person might pass away before the paramedics even arrive. CPR training becomes critical in such situations.  You can make use of the skills taught in your CPR class to help save a life. 


With soaring heart attack rates, CPR is the key life-saving procedure. About 9 in 10 people died who suffered from a heart attack outside the hospital. But CPR can help turn the odds in our favor. If performed on time, that is within the first few minutes of cardiac arrest, CPR can increase the chances of survival. 

The tools and skills you learn from your CPR class enable you to become a lifesaver rather than a bystander. CPR certification allows you to make the right decisions in case of cardiac emergencies. 


CPR training is crucial in organizations; it helps create a safe environment for all employees. CPR training and certification can be a vital skill, especially for people who are applying in the medical or nursing field. Most nursing fields require some level of CPR training and prefer individuals with CPR certification. 


A person with the knowledge of CPR is considered a valuable member of the workplace and generally of society. A CPR certified person can be called in emergencies and trusted with someone’s life. In some occupations, CPR is a pre-requisite. While in other occupations, CPR certification is highly valued. 

CPR training and certification give you the potential to save lives. At Red Hands Safety, we enable people to become a part of the solution. Our knowledgeable professionals equip you with tools and skills that will help you step up in an emergency. Moreover, our First Aid and AED training classes allow you to preserve life before medical personnel arrives. 

At Red Hands Safety, we offer CPR classes to individuals and in groups. Join one of our CPR classes in Tukwila WA, Renton WA and Seattle WA.

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